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Coaches are primarily invested in assisting you to work through your unique life curriculum, that comes through relationships, experiences, life stages, milestones and life changing personal events, which are all intended to serve our highest good. The work context is considered as a platform to learn about you & your purpose and is an extension of who you are, a segment of your life as a whole. Working with a coach is about learning, healing and dealing with life in the best way accessible to you, in order to restore you to who you are: The Authentic You. The coaches at AboveBeyond are searched and recuited for to suite the organisational cultures and the individuals taking the courses. 

Featured coaches are not necessarily part of our roster, but present an interesting perspective on personal development which we find useful. 

We have also included Masters in specific industries who have mastered their craft and have collaborated with the platform to teach what they know as they actively still practise in their careers. With this exciting aspect, we're bringing teachers from as many industries as possible. It is our belief that when people shine & share where they are placed, they automatically inspire others to be the best of themselves in which ever field that they find themselves in.


from ndzalama

People that are open to spiritual guidance sessions and have an interest in tuning in and harnessing their intuitive wisdom through engaging experiments that will allow them to not only understand but also create a spiritual practice that is aligned with their higher self.

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