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Ndzalama Ngwenya

Lead Spiritual Coach at ABC

Spiritual Guide | High Priestess | Self-Love Coach

With over 1900 hours practicing as an independent coach & high priestess, Ndzalama has had exposure to the world in the most unthinkable ways, where her most powerful teaching & learnings have come directly from experience, along with academic and corporate career. There is very little she hasn't intentionally experimented with in order to let the experience be the teacher to her so that she may assist others.

The truth is often described as "the hard pill to swallow". This is often the medicine that nourishes the soul. The name "Ndzalama" is the indiginous Xitsonga name & variation for the Emerald stone in English. Upon the appointment of a new chief in the Xitsonga culture, The Chief is required to physically swallow Ndzalama at their coronation ceremony, as a display of fitness & suitability to lead the clan, also the symbolic digestion of wisdom & longevity. The stone is difficult to swallow because of its shape, size and texture, and the ability to swallow it forms part of fulfilling the criteria to be the chief.


The journey with Ndzalama as a spiritual coach is for people that are open to spiritual guidance sessions and have an interest in tuning in and harnessing their intuitive wisdom through engaging experiments that will allow them to not only understand but also create a spiritual practice that is aligned with their higher self.


The kind of people that have found me, have been hopeless yet brave to the crucial conversations and unknown that comes with my sessions. They want peace in their lives and are ready to let go of what no longer serves them. These are people that have realized that they have a choice to show up for

themselves and their future.

Academics & Training 

  • High Priestess at Spiritual Healing

  • Humanities: Arts Entrepreneurship Development Program with E3 Youth Development Hub

  • Certification at UCT for Project Management

  • Certification at Vega School for Brands for Conceptual Writing for Brands

  • Coach Training & Development at Tracey Fowler

  • National Diploma at Tshwane University of Technology in Public Relations Management

Core topics for speaking, interviews & panelist

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Intuitive Wisdom & Trusting yourself

  • Self-love Coach



Her outstanding contribution to in the workplace when it comes to

  • Working with people of different faiths, religions & spiritual practices

  • Inter faith dialogue & relationships

  • Understanding the different faiths & spiritual practices of the world

  • The accuracy of her work & recommendations for spiritual development 

  • The congruency of her personal practices which are reflected in her coaching practise

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