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Nomha Kumalo 

Lead Executive Coach 

CEO at  Wafira Financial Service Provider ​

Former Executive: Public Sector segment strategy solutions at Momentum Corporate.

Nomha has an innate, unique and evolving ability to understand millennial behaviour, because of her core understanding of human behaviour and development, experienced within industry knowledge & years of experience as a strategist, executive and manager. Together with her desire to assist executives to understand and lead millennials better, is the core desire to see people live their purpose and live in the true nature of personal power, abundance and have fortified self-esteem. She does an outstanding work of working with different generations to meet a common goal.


Her career progression transcends beyond academic education & graduate studies, and credits it to the power of self-awareness. She (herself) has experienced first-hand the power of personal self-awareness coaching-based leadership development and that she attributes to her navigating her corporate career authentically and with impact. She credits her remarkable achievements where stakeholders and customers are concerned to coaching based development. With that being a by product of finding her own authentic way to life, and continues to build in this way, through the power of being before doing.

Academics & Training 

  • Bain & Company Academy Executive Development program, strategy, leadership

  • University of Witwatersrand, MDP, Research & Development management

  • University of the Western Cape - Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Accounting

  • Milpark Education - Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning


Corporate experience serving in different roles

  • Momentum, Managing executive: Public sector

  • Momentum, Channel Head: Labour Affiliated Business

  • Momentum, Head: Branding, Marketing & Business Development Strategy


Core topics for speaking, interviews & panelist

  • Money, Energy & Your belief system

  • Youth & Wealth

  • Financial Management in your youth

  • Trading your youthfulness for better rates

  • Abundance mentality/mindset

  • Self-Awareness



Her outstanding contribution to in the workplace when it comes to

  • Her successful track record & demonstration of what it takes to lead as an executive to a multicultural & diverse workforce & country

  • Her ability to understand the decision making process of a millennial which assists executive teams produce & deliver suitable leadership, products and services for stakeholders

  • Her outstanding Millennial Leadership & mentorship to her subordinates in the workplace

  • Her consistent support & sponsorship of youth led businesses

  • Business development strategy contribution which demonstrates an understanding the generational gaps

  • Her ability to speak the truth in a forth right manner that lands powerfully on people

  • The multi-dimensional exposure and experience within the same company