Under Water



Know & grow in the unknown

Expected duration

7 days & additional post-course day & check-in

Expected hours

10-12 hours

Your life will never be the same again, forever.


What’s sweet & blissful in life? What’s the best feeling in life? When a plan comes together! In coach world, a person is almost like a plan. I consider this to be a process of restoration, returning to your “factory settings” before the world told you who you are, what and who you should be and how you should do things. It is about erasing all the hurtful, damaging and ordinary words ever told or heard, actions done to you,  your own interpretation of that and then ended up telling yourself, and then gone onto put it on repeat.

The Pure Self-Awareness course and self-awareness as a whole is not about just looking at your defects or character assassination! It’s more than that! It’s where ugly and beautiful meet to create something indescribable. It’s about looking at what a powerful creator you are! And awakening to the power of your mind and what a divine tool we have with it and the power of choice, right up to and down to our thinking, and ultimately aligning that to who we are.

A student of the course took the words right out of my mouth: “I didn’t know I was so powerful. And I didn’t know that! And I didn’t know that I didn’t know THAT!”



The courses at Above Beyond Centre are reference points. Coaching is unique for everyone, and what is specifically applicable for one person, may not be applicable for another. As such, further customisation, tailored material and teaching goes according the the individual, and co-created with the coach, because life is a highly individualised journey, therefore, lessons are highly individualised.

Furthermore, the courses extend to all people, and unlimited in terms of the people we work with. 

Consider the courses & programs as a guideline or example. 

Example of Course Outline

Day 1 – Theory & the basis of human behaviour & the context work we will engage in together

Day 2 – Guided introspection & retrospection of your life timeline

Day 3 – Continued Guided introspection & retrospection of your life timeline

Day 4 – Creation & Mental Reset

Day 5 – Continuity

Day 6 – Re-building new mental thought patterns

Day 7 – The power of gratitude

Post-Course check in Day


The structure is subject to amendment & additions once needs are evaluated & customised by the instructor.



ZAR5600/$350 per person

The course is available for groups, for up to 12 people in cohort/session if you opt to participate in the course as a group for private bookings.Download inquiry form here: Individual Inquiry Form


Corporate packages are available

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