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Expected duration

7 weeks, weekly sessions

Expected hours

8-10 hours

Nothing will ever be the same again.


The follow up course in the Trilogy set of Above Beyond flagship Course is Take The Next Step. Self-Awareness is powerful, and life changing because of how it resets the mind, how we frame life and key events of our life, from childhood to the present time. The result of self-awareness is becoming more aware of information that you don’t know but need to know in order to progress and take the next step, and lead a powerful life personally, professionally & organizationally.


Due to the transition taking place between being more self-aware, outgrowing an old mindset to developing the current, restoring one, decision making becomes a challenge. In the course, we learn how to make aligned actions to our discoveries.


This course is about using what you know now, getting to know more of which you don’t know, whilst setting new criteria for your life and work decision making processes.


This course includes 2 psychometric assessments.


Objectives of this course include

  • Stability and grounding in your authenticity to make powerful decisions

  • Live purposefully in the context of what they want for their life, professionally and personally.

  • Self-acceptance of strengths and shortcomings

  • Improve clarity in your career decision making process & path

  • Communicate more powerfully & confidently

  • Prepare to take the next step in your career and personal life



The courses at Above Beyond Centre are reference points. Coaching is unique for everyone, and what is specifically applicable for one person, may not be applicable for another. As such, further customisation, tailored material and teaching goes according the the individual, and co-created with the coach, because life is a highly individualised journey, therefore, lessons are highly individualised.

Furthermore, the courses extend to all people, and unlimited in terms of the people we work with. 

Consider the courses & programs as a guideline or example. 

Example of Course Outline

Week 1 – Induction into the course

Week 2 - Theory and basis on which we will be working & psychometric tests

Week 3 – The connection of physical health & self-awareness

Week 4 – Setting new values based on your developed & developing self-awareness

Week 5 – Relationship reviews

Week 6 – Defining success & aspirations

Week 7 – Gratitude & celebration



ZAR6600/$450 per person

The course is available for groups, for up to 12 people

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Corporate packages are available.

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