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Going Above & Beyond

Expected duration

7 months, monthly sessions

Expected hours

7-10 hours

Everything is now.


The follow up course in the Trilogy set of Above Beyond flagship Course is The Extra Mile. This can be considered as the after-care & maintenance program after part 1 & 2 have been completed. Furthermore, it prepares one for the take-off into the next level of their lives, personally, professionally and organizationally. Due to the transition taking place between being more self-aware, outgrowing an old mindset to developing the current, restoring one, and navigating new decisions, the monthly session work as a guided canvas, with continued guided introspection for the individual to use as a life support. The 7 month course is co-created together, by using the context of their real life as it unfolds.



The courses at Above Beyond Centre are reference points. Coaching is unique for everyone, and what is specifically applicable for one person, may not be applicable for another. As such, further customisation, tailored material and teaching goes according the the individual, and co-created with the coach, because life is a highly individualised journey, therefore, lessons are highly individualised.

Furthermore, the courses extend to all people, and unlimited in terms of the people we work with. 

Consider the courses & programs as a guideline or example. 

Examples Objectives of this course are a continuation of Take The Next Step

  • Stability and grounding in your authenticity to make powerful decisions

  • Live purposefully in the context of what they want for their life, professionally and personally.

  • Grow in the self-awareness and awareness of others to develop a stronger EQ for leadership roles

  • Learn how to manage relationships in the work place

  • Self-acceptance of strengths and shortcomings

  • Improve clarity in your career decision making process & path

  • Communicate more powerfully & confidently

  • Prepare to take the next step in your career and personal life

  • Provided life-support for you as you navigate daily decision, using your real time life examples to learn and move on to be effective




From ZAR1500 per session, per hour

The course is available for groups, for up to 3 people in a single group session 

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Corporate packages are available.

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